Beauty Tips

Top Advice from a Beauty Expert

Who doesn’t like advice from a beauty expert? If you aren’t a cosmetologist – or even if you are – any tidbits or tips are gladly appreciated. There are some of the top beauty expert tips for this season in the article.
Here are some of the top beauty expert tips for this season.

The Bronzed Babe

No matter what, when ever summer rolls around, the “bronzed babe” look is always in. This look will give you that warm, sexy iridescent glow that also looks incredibly natural and will help make your tan all the more beautiful.

To give yourself the bronzed babe look, start off by cleaning and moisturizing your skin (be sure to also apply sunscreen – you can fake a great tan and not have to deal with the early wrinkles and age spots!).

Next, take your bronzer and apply it to your cheekbones, your brow bones, your temples, and sweep it across your forehead. You can apply the bronzer to your face with a dome-shaped blush brush.

To really accentuate the whole “bronzed babe” look, apply a stain or gel blush to your cheeks!

To really compliment the entire look, apply a shimmery beige eye shadow to your eyelids and use a sheer but shimmery gloss on your lips to really give yourself that sun kissed look.

The Luxurious Locks

The best hair has almost always received several hot oil treatments. Hot oil will penetrate the shaft of the hair and infuse the hairs with both moisturize and essential nutrients. If you are on the market for some hot oil hair products, skip the products that are being offered on the store shelves and go for coconut oil. Coconut oil will help keep your hair shiny and soft, and it will also leave your hair smelling absolutely fabulous!

If you are in a pinch for hair oil, you can try using sesame oil or olive oil.

How to Get Rid of Embarrassing Facial Hair

Let’s face it, most of us ladies have at least a hair (or more) of embarrassing facial hair that we would love to get rid of permanently. It may be the upper lip, the “monobrow” hair between our two eyebrows, or on our chin.

The best way to get rid of this hair is to undergo a few laser treatments. Lasering will eventually cause the hair to stop growing permanently, which means you will not be stuck with lifelong plucking and shaving of the area which will irritate your skin.

Alternatively, you can use tweezers (though this is not permanent) and waxing (this is also not permanent). Both are far better options than shaving, as they last at least three times longer than shaving the hair and cause far less skin irritation.

The Youthful Hand

Many women’s hands look are older than they are – and for good reason! We are not protecting them and moisturizing them as we should. If you want to keep your hands looking youthful, throw on a pair of gloves before you pick up that bottle of soap and that plate. When ever you are using any detergent, any cleaning product, or any soap, put on a pair of gloves! No matter if you are washing dishes, wiping down the counter, or cleaning the bathroom, glove will save your hands.

Even if you are a gardener, always be sure to wear gloves. Pulling weeds with your bare hands will only damage your skin and cause your hands to age faster.

Be sure to always have a quality hand cream in your bag for during the day, and at night indulge your hands with the thickest, most hydrating hand cream you have (you can also use oils, such as olive oil or even Crisco) and throw on a pair of cotton gloves. This will hydrate your hands and keep them looking youthful for longer.