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The Best Facial Cream For Your Skin Type

When trying to choose the best facial cream for your skin, it’s important to choose a facial cream that will best suit your individual skin type. So before you grab that next bottle of facial cream or moisturizer that you see on sale, consider how that cream may not work best with your skin.
Before you grab that next bottle of facial cream or moisturizer that you see on sale, consider how that cream may not work best with your skin.

Here are some of the best facial creams out there based on your individual needs and skin type:

Best Facial Cream for Dry and Dehydrated skin

One of the best and least known facial creams for those with dry skin is the Yonka PampleMousse facial cream. The downside to this cream is that you can easily find yourself paying well over $40 for what may seem to be a small amount of cream. The good news? A little goes a long way with this cream, so don’t be all too weary about the amount you get for the price you pay.

This facial cream soaks easily into your skin and it won’t leave your skin feeling slick or greasy. You can easily wear it under make up or on its own. The best thing about this product is that there are two separate formulations: dry to normal skin, and then normal skin to oily skin. I found that the normal to oily skin was fantastic for anyone who has combination skin.

Best Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin

Epicuren has been making great products for sensitive skin for years, but their best yet is probably the Epicuren Aloe Vera Gel. This is a great product for anyone who has red, inflamed, irritated, or even sunburned skin. This natural gel is made up of 100% pure aloe vera leaves. One may think that this gel will leave your skin greasy, but think again. Within a minute or two you can apply foundation overtop.

Best Facial Cream for Mature Skin

There’s a good reason why Avon’s “Anew Ultimate Age Repair Day Cream” with SPF 25 was one of the highest ranked on Women over the age of 50 certainly do have different skin needs, and Avon’s facial cream certainly delivers. This cream will help repair the skin, tighten the skin, and it also has SPF 25 in it so that it is well protected from the sun’s damaging rays!

The only downside to this cream is that the fragrance of the cream may be rather bothersome, and may make this cream inappropriate for those with sensitive skin.

Best Organic Facial Cream

Always a lover of natural creams, Burt’s Bees continually delivers with their great moisturizers and facial creams infused with natural royal jelly, a product that not only is natural but is also extremely hydrating, non-irritating, and it can help repair and renew your skin too! These facial creams tend to be less pricy than the boutique brands, but you will see that they tend to cost any where from $5-$10 more than your typical drugstore brands.

One thing that tends to be lacking from Burt’s Bees products is sun screen and sun protection. Be sure to put on SPF 30 if you choose to use these facial creams.