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How to Use Pubic Hair Dye

In a world where Brazilian waxes tend to rule, pubic hair dye and coloring is becoming less popular. But that isn’t to say that women who enjoy having a bit of hair “down there” don’t want the hair on their head to not match the hair down below.
If you dye your hair brown and want to keep up that appearance, than pubic hair dye is a must. The same goes for those with blond hair and who really want to keep up that blond impression.

Or maybe you want to go totally crazy with the pubic hair dye and choose colors that span the rainbow!

You can use pubic hair dye safely, but it does take a bit more caution than if you were to dye the hair on your head. Here are some tips on how to choose a pubic hair dye that’s right for you.

For the Temporary Dyer

This is a particularly great option for those women out there who want to choose a more exotic and less-than-natural color, like pinks and oranges, reds and blues. You can use a temporary hair color that will wash out after a few washes. Temporary hair colors are particularly great as they are far less harsh than permanent hair colors, so they are safer and more comfortable to use.

For the Permanent Dyer

If you are looking for a permanent pubic hair dye, then you will first want to try and choose one that is made up of the most natural products possible. A lot of natural health stores actually sell organic and “natural” hair dyes. Though they still do contain a certain level of chemicals, they contain significantly less than any hair dye that you will find on the shelves of your drugstore.

Next, you will want to still lessen the strength of the hair dye. Take an ounce of shampoo and mix it in a container with the hair dye, or you can even mix it right in your hands. Lather the shampoo and hair dye mixture into your pubic hair and then allow it to set for up to 20 minutes. Rinse your hair in the shower, and then check results. If the color is not as light or as dark as you would like, repeat the process all over again.

Some Additional & Important Tips

The genital area is a very sensitive area that is lined with mucous membranes that can easily be damaged or irritated. This is why pubic hair dye can be a lot more dangerous than you dying the hair on your head. To protect this area, cover it in a thick layer of petroleum jelly. This will help prevent any of the hair dye from touching the more sensitive areas on your body.

This means that you also cannot actually dye the hair that is on your genital area. When you are dyeing pubic hair, stick to the hair that is on the pubic bone; do not go below that line.

Lastly, be sure to trim or shave the public hair a few days after you have dyed the hair and no sooner. Shaving will particularly further irritate the skin, which will make you very uncomfortable and cause unsightly red bumps.