Beauty Tips

How to Transform Yourself into a Natural Beauty

Being a natural beauty isn’t as hard as it seems, though do know that it may take a bit of a lifestyle adjustment. Read the steps to become a natural beauty in the article.

If you want to really become a natural beauty, follow these steps below:

Believe in your Beauty

If you don’t believe it, then you won’t be doing a good job selling it to anyone else. Truly believe and embrace your natural beauty – whether it is your eye color, the way your hair lies, or your personality – and promote it. Make it shine so that everyone has to stand up and take notice!

Eat Right & Exercise

Natural beauty means holistic beauty, which means taking your body into account. Natural beauty isn’t about how many flaws and blemishes you can cover up with your makeup; natural beauty is all about how gorgeous you look when the makeup comes off. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, consuming grains, and taking a multivitamin every day is a great way to ensure that you will be helping support your natural beauty, as will exercise. Exercise will give your skin that natural beauty “glow” that all women try to obtain with blush and shimmer products, but can never quite obtain.

Keep your Makeup Minimal

A natural beauty doesn’t coat her face with a thick, mask-like foundation; a natural beauty wears makeup and makes it seem as if she’s not wearing any makeup at all! This means perhaps investing in a great tinted moisturizing product, wearing brown mascara and some cream blush. You can also try wearing a nude lip gloss color to help bring out the color of your lips. Follow up with a light dusting of loose powder and you’re set!

Stop Dying your Hair

Well, maybe not all together, but light blond streaks hardly look natural on anyone’s head. Have your hair dyed to a color that is close to your natural hair color, but have some natural highlights put in. From there, try not to touch a hair dryer or a hair straightener and let your hair “just be”. This means that those with curly hair need to learn how to tame their curly hair in a way that makes it manageable (talk to your hair stylist for tips and product recommendations) and those with straight hair may need to just live with straight hair. Come up with innovative ways to change it up and make it look outstanding.

Brush your Teeth

No one wants brown or yellow teeth, though with the amount of us who drink wine, coffee, smoke cigarettes, or any number of things we put the whiteness of our teeth at jeopardy every day. Brush every day, twice a day, to really keep your teeth as polished and white as possible. Try to visit the dentist twice a year to really keep your pearly whites “pearly”.


One of the biggest faux pas that we make as a human race is not getting enough sleep. You need your beauty rest! 8 hours of solid sleep on a regular basis is needed not only so that we can mentally function properly, but so that our physical body can restore itself and replenish its beauty resources.