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How to choose a hair straightener?

Let’s figure out how to choose a portable hair straightener and which plate cover will be better.

If you are looking for a new straightener for yourself or in order, our article will help you figure out what characteristics of irons to pay attention to in order to choose a good model.

Hair straightener: which one to choose?

Let’s talk about the main parameters of classic hair straighteners: power and heating temperature, coverage and width of the plates, as well as their price and manufacturers.

Ironing power and temperature conditions

The classic straightener is a curling iron with two flat plates that heat and straighten the hair between them. The power of the appliance affects its heating rate and the maximum temperature at which it can work. Models with a power from 20 to 170 W are widely presented on the market, the value of 40-70 W can be considered the golden mean. Less power is relevant for the mini styler, used to lshaya – for professional devices, which are used in salons.


Depending on the type of hair, different styling temperatures are used, therefore, in modern models, the modes can be adjusted – as a rule, from 120 to 230 degrees.

  • For thin, damaged, light and colored hair, it is recommended to use a temperature not higher than 140 degrees.
  • For natural and healthy hair – up to 180 degrees.
  • If you have dark, thick, coarse or curly hair, a high temperature of up to 230 degrees is also suitable for styling.

For example, the Philips StraightCare ceramic straightener is equipped with a 10-mode thermostat to help you choose the right temperature for styling your hair without damaging your curls.

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