Hair Care

Home Hair Coloring Tips

Before you bust open that bottle of hair dye you just brought home from the drugstore, consider our hair coloring tips so that your hair will stay as healthy and protected as possible. Read on!

Consider these hair coloring tips so that your hair will stay as healthy and protected as possible:

#1: Never Skip the Strand Test

A lot of us women decide to just go full on with our hair dyeing without even testing the hair dye on a small strand of hair first! You never know just what a boxed color of hair dye is going to do to your hair until you try it (you may not even end up with the same color that’s on the box!). You may also suffer a serious allergic reaction if you do not do a small test first. So be wise and wait the 48 hours to do the strand test before dyeing your hair!

#2: Don’t Wash your Hair

The best way to keep hair healthy after a dye job is what you do BEFORE the dye job. This means deep conditioning your hair for a week, and then allowing your hair to “just be” for two days prior to dyeing. The natural oils of your scalp will help protect your skin from the harsh chemicals in the dye, and the oils will help your color set evenly.

#3: Don’t Wear New Clothes

If you are wearing clothes that you love, take them off before you even think of opening up a bottle of dye! Throw on an old t-shirt that you don’t mind staining, and throw in an old raggedy towel or two too. Set aside some hair clips so that you can make ease of the dyeing process, and grab a hand mirror so you can see the back of your head while you are dyeing it.

#4: Start with the Back of your Head

The hair at the back of your head not only tends to be the thickest, but it also tends to be the darkest too. This means that this hair will need a bit more time to allow the dye to process, so start with dyeing the back of your hair first, and then do the sides of your head.

Since the back of the head also tends to be the most difficult spot (since you have to work “in reverse” with mirrors) you will probably “miss” spots the easiest. After you finish dyeing your entire head, go back and check out the back of our head for any missed spots. You will be able to find them before they become a problem.

#5: Work on Sectioning your Hair

Dyeing your hair at home is all about sectioning your hair appropriately. Teach yourself just how dense your hair is, and how many different sections you will have to make in order to thoroughly dye your hair (most women need to make a minimum of 3 sections of hair per quarter section of hair).

Sectioning hair that has just been dyed can also be a rather difficult and tangling experience, so be sure to use a wide toothed comb to section your hair and do not make a point to brush it all the way through to the tips. This will only further rip and damage your hair. Your hair will detangle once you wash and deep condition it.