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Hair Color Advice_ How to Choose the Right Color

Did you know that more than half of all women in Western countries dye their hair in some fashion? It’s true! Read some hair color advice you need when choosing your next hair color in the article.
With so many women dyeing their hair, you’d think that they would know a thing or two about what color to dye it.

Unfortunately, the color that women choose to dye their hair is often the color that they should NOT dye their hair. Here’s some hair color advice you need when choosing your next hair

#1: Do not base your hair color on what you wish your hair color was

How many of us wish that we were blonds when, in reality, we have dark, chestnut brown hair or even red hair? Fact of the matter is, for those of us with these hair colors, going “blond” really isn’t something that is realistic. Chances are that the blond hair will look artificial and possibly even tacky.

#2: Do not base your hair color on some trend

Not all trends are meant to be followed! Even if punky streaks of neon pink or blue are what’s “in” right now, that does not necessarily mean that you should follow suit. Make a sensible decision when it comes to your hair and don’t base your hair dyeing decisions solely on what other people are doing

#3: Do not dye your hair because your hair stylist pressures you to do so

If you’re happy with your hair color, leave it! A lot of hair stylists will try to coerce you into dyeing your hair, or even changing it’s color, but consider it from their perspective: the more money they can get you to spend, the more money they can make. If you’re happy with your hair color and don’t want streaks or chunks of blond and red, say so! Otherwise you may be stuck with hair you’re unhappy with, or hair that will cost a whole lot to fix.

With that all being said, just how should you choose your hair color?

Your hair color should be based on three things: Your skin tone, your eye color, and your own natural hair color (if you remember what that is).

Skin Tone

Skin tones can either be warm, cool, or even a mixture of both. You will want to choose a hair color that will compliment your natural complexion, which may either be light, fair, olive, or dark skinned. Choose warmer hair colors if you have a yellow or golden undertone to your skin, and choose cooler hair shades (such as ash blonds and ash brown shades) if you have a more violet or blue undertone to your skin.

Eye Color

You want your hair color to bring out the best in your eye color, so really try to choose hair colors based on what will really make your eyes “pop”. Blue eyes will look great with icy blonds or browns, and green eyes will look fantastic with rich brown hair or even red hair.

Natural Hair Color

The general rule is to not go 2 shades above or below our natural hair color to keep your hair looking natural, but this isn’t always the case. Your skin tone plays a large role in determining just what hair colors you can get away with. If you are thinking of making a drastic hair color change, such as from black to blond, try to consult a hair professional first and have them perform the job.