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Great Bridal Hair Ideas_ Bridal Hair Accessories

Choosing what hair to have to match your gorgeous gown and veil is a very important decision that a bride-to-be has to make! Find out some of the top bridal hair ideas of this year which are fantastic for all hair types and hair lengths in the article.

There are so many different styles, accessories, and even veil considerations to be made that choosing amongst the several bridal hair ideas that are floating around there can cause a complete headache.

Here are some of the top bridal hair ideas of this year which are fantastic for all hair types and hair lengths:

Bridal Hair Accessories

Of all of the bridal hair ideas, this may very well be the most innovative of all. Bridal hair accessories can be used to either enhance your appearance or really add to the look that you are going for on your wedding day. For instance, if you are having a sea-side wedding, you may want to add some “ocean” pearls, shells, or a star fish to your hair.

If you are having a winter wedding, then you may want to incorporate snow flakes or even crystals. Spring brides always look great with fresh flowers in their hair, and some fall brides love having a couple of beautiful autumn leaves tucked into their updo to really enhance their look.

The Tiara

Tiaras are becoming all the rage for brides, and for a good reason. Not only can you obtain a tiara at a fairly reasonable price, but they truly make a bride feel like a princess! Tiaras are dainty, pretty, and youthful, all things that a bride wants to feel. There are a few different kinds of tiaras out there to choose from:

The classic tiara: These are the real deal! Tiaras certainly do give the most flashy effect, though they may be a bit too flashy for the understated bride. That being said, the real tiaras look wonderful with both updo’s and shorter hair styles. You can even skip the veil and just stick with the tiara!

Headbands: Headbands are a great option for any bride who is thinking of having a “down” hair style. The headband can keep the hair out of a bride’s face. That being said, the headband is also very impressive when used to wrap around the bun of an “updo”.

The Double Headband: You can wear the double headband as either flat on the head, tilted forward so that it appears to be a tiara, or even wrapped around a bun. If you are unsure as to what hair style you will have but definitely want to add a little bit of “something” to your hair, go for the versatile double headband

The Bun Ring: This is the most “classic” of the bridal styles, though it does offer the least amount of versatility. The bun ring is exactly what it sounds like: a ring that will go around the bun of your hair.

The Comb: A comb is a great choice for any hair length of hair style. These are particularly a great choice for anyone going for a less formal look.

The V-Band: A big hit in the 80s, the V-Band offers a great “retro” look for any bride. It’s also a great choice for anyone with an elongated face as it will help “balance it out”.