Skin Care

Choosing a Body Lotion

Our skin is a reflection of our true inner selves. If we take good care of ourselves, it is reflected in the quality of our skin. Alternatively, if we choose to not take so great care of our body, then our skin will definitely be a tell-all after we pass the age of 30.

If you want to keep your skin looking fine, fresh and fabulous, then it is necessary to pamper and indulge yourself in a great body lotion. Body lotions not only smell great, but by properly moisturizing you keep your skin healthy, slow down the aging process, and make skin more supple and elastic. There are often a lot of other added benefits that will help your skin when you use a body lotion, such as sun protection.

Why should I Care about Body Lotion?

Think about it – our skin is the largest organ of our body. Yes, it really is an organ! Unlike our other organs that are protected by layers of muscle, fat, and SKIN, our skin is constantly out there, facing the sun’s rays and other pollutants that can easily cause it to age prematurely.

Skin is also affected by other changes in our body, such as poor diet and nutrition, hormonal changes, and stress. To help counteract the effects of these things, a good quality skin lotion is necessary.

Different areas of our body often do require different lotions. Our face does have a separate facial moisturizer or lotion marketed for its use, and feet and hands often have their own separate lotions. Body lotions tend to accommodate all other areas of our body, such as our legs, arms, chest, stomach, etc.

How do I Choose a Body Lotion?

Your skin type plays a major role when it comes to finding a lotion that works for you. Some may have different scents or glitter or other features to help draw you in, but unless you are using the right base formulation for your skin, you won’t be 100% satisfied with the lotion you are using.

For those of you with drier skin, it is important to look for a hydrating, often called “intensive” body lotion with a lot of extra moisturizing agents. These body lotions are often thicker than those that are made for those with oily skin. Anyone with oily skin will want to choose a lighter weight body lotion and you will definitely want to make sure that the lotion you choose is oil free.

Then there are those with sensitive skin who just don’t seem to be able to use any body lotion on the market today. Be sure to ask for a lot of samples of different sensitive body lotions that any given store may sell, and try to focus on buying as natural a product as possible. The more natural a body lotion is, the less chance there is for your skin reacting.

Some other extra features you will definitely want to look into include:

Sunscreen. If your body lotion does not have UV protection built into the formula, then you definitely want to put on a separate layer of sunscreen to protect your skin.

Anti-Aging properties. This can include tightening agents, collagen, or anti-oxidants being infused to the formula.